How it’s made

The jewelry from Tadblu is first designed and sketched like a jewel.

They are then worked out with CNC techniques into a feasible product.

A lot of attention has been paid to a larger filling space in which a significant amount of ash can be processed.
A second point for attention is the closure: it must be strong, secure and safe.

All Tadblu jewelry designs have been tested and patented in Europe, the USA and a number of other countries.

The ash holders are “turned” with CNC technology, milled and machined in a small factory in Holland.

Half of the pendants and rings are gold plated in a forge in Belgium. They first receive a pre-treatment and then the maximum layer of 24 carat gold: 10 microns.

In the meantime, the additional elements are purchased: leather in Spain, cord in Portugal, precious stones from all parts of the world. The closures are also our own design and they are turned in stainless steel.

The assembly is provided by a special team in a social workshop in Hasselt, Belgium.
The ladies of the assembly unit are very skilled in fine work and they are assisted by fantastic supervisors.

When everything is assembled, the check-up takes place and the jewelry is ready for distribution.

Every piece of jewelry gets a nice box and then it can start its journey to the customer.